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Snoring Remedy
Snoring Remedy
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If you're not getting the rest you need, due to snoring or sleeping problems, Breathe-Aide can give you that Full Night's Sleep that you need!
Breathe-Aide Testimonials!

I have been using breathe-aide and am satisfied with the results. I am
suffering with chronic and sometimes acute rhinitis. A turbinate reduction surgery didn't work and I need to evaluate other alternatives. In the meantime,
breathe-aide provides me with a measure of relief that makes life tolerable.
I find that it works better that external nasal strips and other internal
nose dilators. Thanks for your help and your follow-up. I would recommend
Breathe-aide to others suffering from nasal congestion or rhinitis.

Best regards,
R D. M
Oakton, VA


I want to order 2 MORE. It works great on my husband!! It would be handy to have one for travel bag and another for a back up if we cannot find the one we have.

Ms. Diane Cunningham


I have had a deviated septum for most of my life. I had an operation when I was in my 20's. Unfortunately these operations don't last; the cartilage just grows back. Breathe-aide not only helps, it acts as a splint and will straighten my nose. By wearing it at night my nose is straight for the next day.

P.S. an operation only lasts 10 years according to to the E.N.T. specialist.

Many Thanks,
Brenda Bower, Age 71

9/22/07 - Breathe-Aide to the Rescue! For years I have battled with snoring. My daughters have compaired me to a freight train and my husband has said that he thought he was sleeping with his father. Well not anymore! Breathe-Aide has stopped my snoring and has given my husband and I a better night's sleep. I can even sleep out without feeling embarassed. Thank goodness for Breathe-Aide.
- Debbie Siciargo Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you. My husband recently used your Breathe-Aide product. He was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and ease of use. Breathe-Aide gently opened his nasal passages to allow for convenient and safe, uninterrupted sleep. We are both enjoying the benefits of this product - no more snoring and a more restful night's sleep."
- Delores M.


"For over 6 months, I have been using Breathe-Aide and my sleeping has improved dramatically. Breathe-Aide has had such a positive effect that my wife and I are happy to report, I have stopped snoring. No more waking up with dry throats. I cannot imagine not having Breathe-Aide! I highly recommend this product!"
- Scott S.

From the moment you start using the Breathe-Aide product, you can feel the increased air-flow. Sometimes I use this product while I'm working, simply because it feels so good!"
- Rebecca F.
"For many years my husband has had a snoring problem that would wake the whole family and even disturb our neighbor in the next apartment. When I heard about this product we decided to give it a try. The very first night there was a significant improvement in his snoring as well as his sleep. The rest of the family was not bothered by the loud snoring either.

We will continue to use this product as it is clean, easy-to-use, and it is a small price to pay for a good night's sleep. My husband said he had a very restful night sleep and would recommend this product to anyone who has either a snoring problem or just trouble breathing due to cold or allergies. My family is very happy we found this product. Thank you, Breathe-Aide."
- Annette O.
"After using Breathe-Aide for two weeks now, I am very pleased with the results. It's easy to use and comfortable to wear. I experience the immediate effect of breathing easier without the use of medication, nasal sprays or throat sprays.

I sleep more soundly and awake more alert, and my wife benefits too from my quieter sleep! Thank you for your product. I recommend to anyone who experiences difficulty sleeping, try Breathe-Aide."
- Ron I.
"I had to write and tell you how wonderful your Breathe-Aide product is. The only way I feel relaxed enough to fall asleep at night is when lying on my back, however, once asleep in this position, I typically begin snoring and wake myself and my wife up. This makes for frustrating and restless nights.

Upon placing Breathe-Aide in my nostrils, I immediately felt my airways open and was able to lie on my back and breathe more easily than usual. I then was able to sleep restfully through the night without interruption.

Breathe-Aide has truly helped me breathe without noticeable effort at night, and sleep better than I have in years.

I will certainly recommend Breathe-Aide to those I know with similar issues."
- Dave V
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